Blue Horizon

Cocoa 10%
Intensity 4/5

This chocolate is aimed at those who love citrus fruits or are fans of Asian cuisine. Its off-white body, with shades of yellow, betrays the small percentage of cocoa that barely stains the white. In the taste, natural lemon and smoked salt attack the sugar, giving an unexpectedly sweet and sour taste, combined with notes of grape fruit and tangerine.

Pair with

When paired, Assyrtiko comes like a spring wave on the melted chocolate, leaving the tongue with an oscillation between the sweet and sour butter and the intense and long acidity of the wine. A complex aftertaste that applauds the irreconcilable nature of the two. The aromas of the alcohol meet the same fruit in the chocolate and at the end of the course, the smoked salt makes this tasting experience even more complex.