Volume 4/5
Cocoa 47%

Ruby, the chocolate protagonist of our century for the elegance of its pink hue, submits its sweetness to the heat of the cayenne that subtly attacks the sugar. The extinction is brought by the small grains of cocoa combined with the intense citrus that dominate the game, giving a final note of freshness to this delicate cocoowa that refuses to give in to mediocrity.

Pair with
Aged Tsipouro

Pink Stories to Tell in the Dark. Pink breaks the rules of dark chocolate that usually accompanies strong alcohol and makes a special pairing with aged triple-distilled tsipouro, aged in the darkness of four types of barrels for five years. Its intense butter and vanilla further sweeten the already mellow aromas of Had Artisanal and give it a feminine, refined smoothness on the long finish and the light sweetness of the alcohol.