Dark To Dark

Intensity 5/5
Cocoa 80%

A memory of the green of the olive tree is hidden in the body of this Mediterranean chocolate, which makes the taste buds recall the wind above the eternal trees. The tasting starts with a burst of freshness, which grows like a balm through the smoked chilli and becomes even more intense in the next moment. The joy of unknown taste takes shape in this dark, borderline bitter chocolate with 85% cocoa in its body.

Pair with

When paired with tart black, Dark 2 Dark could be described as the “perfect adult treatment”. Its rich and complex aromatic profile with hot notes of spices, earthy aromas of olive and wild mushroom, as well as its subtle tannic bitterness give an asymmetrical sequence in its pairing with the wine, electrifying the palate before the revelation of Umami, the fifth elegant flavor.