Funky Monkey

Cocoa 10%
Volume 1/5

What more can you ask for than a travelling chocolate! From the very first melt in your mouth, it transports you to rainforests and dream destinations that only taste can conjure up. The scent of pineapple traps the tongue and suggests that somewhere nearby the majestic trees are bending under its weight. Then comes the ripe banana that through its osmotic dehydration dominates in taste and color in this playful chocolate that answers the call: Funky Monkey!

Pair with

Loaded as it is with tropical aromas, it is the ideal base for cocktails as it follows the tradition of Caribbean alcohol. Rum, the cane drink, with Jamaican rum being the first choice as it is more exuberant and complex, makes an incredibly elegant pairing with Monkey, showcasing the aesthetic and flavour harmony of its ingredients. A clean, balanced combination that changes your psychological mood radically.