in the newspaper “Kathimerini”

«One sweet day.
When the chocolate landed on Olympus»

In Olympou, a beautiful street with trees, just before you reach the height of the Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace, you will find the only chocolate bar in Thessaloniki. One Sweet Day is accessible on foot, from Venizelos or the Ancient Agora and is very, very interesting.

Its atmosphere is cinematic and photographic. Sitting in the Viennese armchairs of the … lounge, I discuss with its owner, George Zarzoni, and try to understand what it was that made the well-known photographer of the city (with albums that he publishes and that we find in the shop) and traveler of the world, to “turn” it into a chocolatier. I also ask him where he found the equipment for the decoration: a series of old, black PPC “turtles” (from PPC warehouses, he answers), an old film camera upstairs, but also…

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Screenshot of Gastronomer's special feature on Cocoowa